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Our rates are per square inch and are dependent on the density of the design.


Light density edge to edge designs are 2 cents per square inch. These are larger designs that will give your quilt lightly quilted texture, preserve the quilt top design, and give the quilt a nice soft drape.

Medium density edge to edge designs are 2.5 cents per square inch. They are quilted smaller than light density. This will give the quilt more structure and help it hold up to heavier use and repeated washing.

High density edge to edge designs are 3 cents per square inch. The designs are quilted on a small scale, giving the quilt a lot of texture. It will also make the quilt stiffer.

We are also excited to offer semi custom digital quilting! This starts at 5 cents per square inch and up. What is semi custom digital quilting exactly? It means you can choose different patterns/designs/motifs for different areas of your quilt. This can be anything from separate border designs, to accenting a special part of a quilt, to a different design in every area of your quilt. It can create a beautiful custom look!

Example: Your quilt top is 60 inches x 80 inches and you want a medium density edge to edge design.

60 x 80 = 4800 x .025 = $120

The minimum quilting charge is $50 per order. This means that a small quilt or table runner's square inch price will be rounded up to the $50 minimum. However, you can send several pieces at once.

Miscellaneous fees:

  •  Machine binding (you will see stitching on the front and back of the quilt) $0.25 cents/linear inch

  • Attach binding to the front $0.15 cents/linear inch

  •  Sew on a label you provide $10

  •  Turning quilt for custom border design $25

  •  Basic services $28/hour


We stock batting from The Warm Company which is a favorite among quilters for its high quality. You can choose between "Warm & Natural" 100% cotton in its natural off while color, "Warm & White" 100% white cotton, or "Warm 80/20" an 80/20 blend of cotton and poly in a true white color. We also offer Quilter's Dream wool.

Batting is a separate charge and is not included in the square inch price.

Batting is charged by the linear inch from rolls of batting plus a 5" margin. 

Price per linear inch:

Warm & Natural 100% Cotton $0.37 for quilts under 85", $0.50 for quilts over 85"

Warm & White 100% Cotton $0.46 for quilts under 85", $0.62 for quilts over 85"

Warm 80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend $0.43 for quilts under 105"

Quilter's Dream Wool $0.72 for quilts under 85"

For example, if you have a 60" x 80" quilt, we would cut 65" of the batting of your choice.

65" of Warm & Natural @ $0.37/in = $24.05

65" of Warm & White @ $0.46/in = $29.90
65" of Warm 80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend @ $0.43/in = $27.95

65" of Quilter's Dream Wool @ $0.72/in = $46.8


We use Glide #40 weight thread in neutral colors. If you use our in stock colors, the price for thread is included in the quilting design price. If you would like a custom color, there is a fee of $2.00 per bobbin.


We find most customers like to choose a thread color that blends most with the quilt. If you have us choose a color, we will choose the lightest neutral that coordinates with your quilt. Let us know if you want a contrasting thread color or if you want to choose your own thread color.


If you are local you are welcome to pick up and drop off your quilt in La Conner, WA. Otherwise we will provide you with a shipping address via email after we receive your intake form. We recommend putting the quilt top and back into a plastic bag to protect against moisture and then placing in a sturdy cardboard box that is securely taped and clearly labeled to ship. You may want to get tracking on your package.

Return shipping: We will mail your finished quilt back to you with tracking and the amount of insurance that you indicated on your intake form.

We are not responsible for packages lost by the mail carrier.


We are located in Washington state all services and items are taxed at a rate of 8.6%


After completion of your quilt, you will be sent an invoice for immediate payment. Once payment has been received, your quilt will be mailed within 1 business day.

Are you ready to work together? Click "Book a Quilt" below! We can't wait to make your quilt come to life.

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