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Dawn Cliff Studios is a longarm quilting studio being run by two generations of women; Sandi, Jane & Hayley. Our studio is tucked away in a seaside village in the Pacific Northwest. Life here ambles by at a slower pace, we believe in summer afternoons reading on the front porch, winter evenings curled by the fire, fall days camping around a bonfire and spring picnics in the mountains, all with a handmade quilt in tow making your favorite moments more colorful and cozy.


Sandi, Jane and Hayley decided to join together to bring their love of quilting to the world and create Dawn Cliff Studios. DCS brings together the worlds of classic and modern quilting aesthetic. Quilting the next generation of beautiful timeless quilts.

At DCS we believe that quilts are made to be treasured, loved and used. Sandra taught her daughters the art of quilting from a young age, teaching them to piece a quilt they made for their father as a gift. It still hangs in the studio today! Luckily with age, the girls have learned better color and pattern theory.

When she isn't quilting, you can find Sandi under a cozy quilt with a good book. Jane uses her quilts to curl up against the chilly ocean air while boating in the San Juan islands. And, Hayley takes her quilts on family picnics and camping trips all across the Pacific Northwest.

We bring that same passion to your quilt. We want to help you breath life into your quilt to make it both beautiful and functional. To create something that will be part of of many lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

Our small studio, originally built in 1901 as a carriage house for the farmhouse next door, is filled with beautiful fabrics, colorful thread, worn books, sentimental items, and family photographs. All things that inspire us. We look forward to caring for your quilt and working together to create a beautiful heirloom.

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