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Sweet Small Quilted Table Runner

While most of the quilts we work on are more typical quilt sizes, we also love working on smaller projects! This quilted table runner is absolutely darling and was such a joy to have on the longarm.

Due to its smaller stature, we went with a higher density modern pantograph. You might notice, the pantograph "Propel" on our available designs page looks a little different than it does on this table runner. Changing the size and distance between the rows can really change the look of the pantograph! Since we wanted something a little more intricate but loved the look of Propel, we made it a smaller size and decreased the distance between the rows to create a different look.

This patchwork quilt table runner also had a couple squares that were embroidered. We didn't want to quilt over the embroidery and compete with the texture already there. So we were able to go around those areas to let the embroidery shine on its own.

If you would like to discuss having your small project longarm quilted, check out our info page or send us an email

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